Friday, March 15, 2013

the breaking of silence...

i'm sitting in an empty bar writing this. it's a little cold and kind of smells like toothpaste. i hear the chefs and bartender talking about last night. it sounds like it was pretty rough, involving a drunk man and a woman who stormed out. i think it might be exciting to work at a bar. i dont know.

so i would apologize to you for not writing in so long, but i'm not gonna. this is my blog. you dont pay me to write to you. and it's really hard to have ideas all the time and spit them out to you weekly. so if i update this blog in a quarterly fashion, i dang well will. so dont harass me know who you are.

now with that out of the way, back to whatever i was thinking this post would be about. in this empty bar, the coffee is astounding. it deserves an appearance on here...
i'm drinking it pretty dark, too, which is bold of me.

the big, burly head chef complete with cut-off sleeves, a bandana, a mohawk, a beard and tattoos just told me, "if you want any food, just let us know." that might just be one of the best things a man's ever said to me...yeah, i'm just being dramatic because i'm really hungry...and i guess it would make sense now to tell you that i'm at the restaurant my mother works at. she's in the back baking right now, so i'm just here, chilling, drinking coffee and listening to music. this is fun. and FREE FOOD from a real nice restaurant?! heck yes please. 

i went to asheville recently with my good friend sydney. we went to visit my old roommates jesse, ruth and max. and the unborn one. it was a lot of fun and asheville is amazing. it's the city of bearded men, health nuts, and mountain dwellers. we loved it. especially syd. i think she may have left her heart there...

i had a cough the whole time we were there and that's when i found out syd is a real friend. my hacking got worse at night. like, a lot worse. each night when i would lay down, it wouldnt stop for like, an hour. we shared a room, so it was super annoying for both of us. i felt really bad cause i knew syd wanted to kill me. she was probably laying there fantasizing about holding a pillow over my face until the coughing stopped. for good. but she didnt do that, and i'm really thankful. she was so kind about it, too. she's normally a feisty character, saying what she thinks, and she tends to have an attitude too. in a good way though. i guess. but she didnt yell at me or hit me or anything. anyway syd, thanks. you're a nice friend. 

max the toddler was a gem the entire time. he's my favorite kid. i can say that because my nephew hasnt been born yet. one of my favorite things about him, is that he would run around the house wearing a blue plastic bowl on his head. his "helmet". it fit his head perfectly, and pushed his long, golden hair down into his eyes so he would have to tilt his head up even further than normal to look at you. it was heartbreakingly adorable. it was also weird to me that he was actually running around the house, and that he knows a good bit of english now. when he left me, he didnt do or know these things. it was like he was a different kid, but he was definitely still max. he has a character and sense of humor very much his own, and i love that. 

one our way back, we starved ourselves until we got back to atlanta, and then we stopped for food. we went to 'which wich' in atlantic station and sat outside. we were both eating there silently, just people watching, when we saw a touristy looking lady and gent walk by. syd rolled her eyes and i shook my head as we both had the same thought. the people passing us on that sunday afternoon in atlanta were so fancy and expensive looking. incredibly different than asheville. all the boys looked like black rappers which, who knows, they might have been, and the girls looked like their feet were killing them in those heels, but they probably werent cause they wear them so much. asheville is the city of hippies and artists. we went to greenlife, which is a whole foods market a few times. the first time we went there, we walked out and saw a bearded man playing a guitar and singing on the sidewalk. he was good, too. he was just one of the many street musicians we saw. and another time we went, i saw a man eating a big raw carrot, a huge wooden bowl full of blueberries, and a raw orange pepper. it was beautiful. it wasnt weird. asheville isnt weird and the people there arent weird. we didnt think that either. we loved everything. we were like little kids, wide-eyed and soaking up every inch. the difference between there and here, is just that here, everyone is so normal and sane. and there's hardly any art or talent or creativity here. in asheville, art is everywhere. anywhere you turn. here, you have to travel to see something artistic. just about the most creative thing you see around here is the hipster at starbucks putting a filter -or two, if they're "nonconformists"- on that photo of their latte they just took for the umpteenth time. 

but i know the grass is always greener on the other side...though i highly doubt it.

i just told them i'd like fried shrimp because that's my favorite food, i think. 
mom is now talking with the head chef planning the menu for a wine dinner coming up...i'm so proud. 

in other news, I GOT A JOB! i'm so incredibly thankful! it was an answer to prayer. i've been trying HARD to get a job since last year, and God has really blessed me with this. i will be the newest "event specialist" at the local sam's club. holla.

 lesson here, kids: patience pays off. how much, you ask? $10.25 an hour. that's how much. WOO!


  1. AAAAAAHHHHH you got the job!!!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED or you!!! :D
    I will be shopping at Sam's much more often now.

  2. For the umpteenth time, I lurve your writing voice.

    Ashville sounds groovy and as if it's a separate world or another dimension. Or a fairy tale.

    And congrats on the job, guh! Behold, my soul wells with pride. xD


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