Sunday, December 30, 2012

better in real life.

expectations. they're funny sometimes and annoying too. we always plan in our heads things we want to happen and how it'll go down and how we'll respond, but why? does it ever work out the same way? most of the time, i imagine things way more romantically then how they really are. maybe i'm just an optimist. i hope for, imagine, and think the best. and that's also why there's those dark moments that come over me after something doesn't happen the way the pretty little overstreched image in my head did.

but then there's those golden occasions when something happens 'perfectly'. when the events occur just how you imagined them. you feel happy, satisfied. but something way better- when moments completely and entirely surpass any expectations your lame imagination could have ever conjured up and it blows your mind. you're past 'satisfied'. you're saturated with the moment. you're laughing, marveling at how happy you are that you're not in control of these things. things happen that your mind didn't and couldn't have imagined previously. it's a surprise and one of the best kind.

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