Sunday, November 11, 2012

on being a pioneer.

(side-note: they say, "write what you know", but i find it more exciting to write what i dont know. hence the misleading tone of "i totally know what i'm talking about" in the paragraphs below. enjoy.)

i think my new-found love of honesty and unbelief in keeping secrets has a lot to say about my new-found love of writing. i dont mean for this to be cheesy, but i just like looking deep into the feelings we all know we have and writing about them because it seems like other people might be afraid to. a goal of mine is to always state the obvious in a way you havent thought of before. that's what i like about writing. that's what i aim for. honesty, plain and simple, but a little surprising too.

even though i'm not a very good writer yet, i have ideas and thoughts and i like to write them down. ah, yes, that's why i have a blog...that's slowly becoming more of a diary than anything else...this sounds dumb, but when i go too long without writing something -even something little- i feel almost out of touch with myself. like i dont know what's happening inside of me. writing helps me see what's wrong and what's good and what i believe and what need to do.

everyone has their 'thing'. something that just comes naturally and that their heart is naturally drawn to. something they dont think about, they just do. where they dont realize they need it, but they do to an extent, or where they feel empty inside when they go too long without it, or in other cases like my own, they feel like they might explode because things are building up and there's not enough room inside to keep it in and you need to release those thoughts, ideas and words soon. that's how i feel about writing.

i think that everyone's good at something for a reason. if we were all good at the same things, the world would be one color and one flavor. it would be flat, not round. so embrace what you love and what you're good at. dont ever think it's stupid. dont ever let it go. who cares if it's different or if you're the first? and dont let money be the final judge. take criticism and negative opinions. always hear them, but remember that in the same way someone hates what you're doing, someone else loves it. and i dont know this from experience, but i have a feeling you dont need a four year degree and a lifetime of debt to leave a mark on this world.

so, fellow artists, leave the neuroscience to someone else and go paint those landscapes. go cook something delicious. photograph everything. write poetry. film. sew. draw. sing. discover. invent. motivate. teach and be taught. spread ideas. the world is huge and open to anything. so be brave. be a pioneer. go for it.      


  1. You know what i realized? You contradicted yourself. Whether you meant to or not. You said, "that's what i aim for, honesty,...", then you said, "i'm not a very good writer..." It's okay though, people make mistakes. So i'll be honest for you. You are.

  2. and you neuroscientists, go on and be neuroscientists. you have a place in the world too.

  3. Les is right. You are a darn good writer right now. (Take it from someone who's been reading practically since she escaped the womb.) How many times do we have to tell you before you're going to get it? Anyway I'm holding this piece up high in my heart, like a banner. It was inspiring.

  4. em, my point was that sometimes artists get pushed aside or looked down upon by other people who think they should be doing something "more important", like being a doctor or lawyer or something like that, while the truth is, we werent all created that way. so sometimes artistic people think they're not doing anything super important because of that. you dig?

    that was kind of my point. so i guess i should've said that to begin with...heh.

    and tay & les, thank you. :) i'll believe it one day. i just want to get better first...this is just a way of motivating myself. ;)


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