Tuesday, November 13, 2012

newly in existence.

to the new life now being created inside of my sister:

we havent met, but i love you already. i can tell you right now that i'll do anything for you. because, see, your mother is so much a part of me -more than anyone else, and you're a part of her, so that means you're a part of me too. so really, it's only natural that i love you like heck already.

i want to apologize for something, though. i didnt love you right away, and for that, i'm sorry. it took some time for me wrap my simple mind around everything after my sister told me about you, and i got really sad and a little angry. but i promise you, none of those feelings are still in me, and ever since, i've been doing nothing but falling more and more in love with you. when i saw your picture for the first time, i was speechless. i shook. my breath slowed way down. your heartbeat was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. i couldnt believe such a magnificent thing was happening inside of my sister. someone with the same blood and dna and sense of humor as me. it's still so unbelievable and amazing to me. and i've yet to fully wrap my head around it, really.

i promise you i'll be here for you. we all will. the family you're coming into is a pretty loving one. we've been through a lot together, so we're pretty tight. we're really weird, but with my sister as your mother, i promise you wont even notice.

i cannot wait to feel you move. and i cannot wait to hold your little body. i cant wait to look at your pretty little face and eyes that will reflect my sister's in some way and tell you in person that i love you. i'm happy you exist.

"you'll be a bright light coming out of the dark."

 i cant wait to see you. i love you so, so much.

your loving aunt, 


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