Thursday, November 8, 2012

a word from natalie.

 from her blog, nat the fat rat.

 "the deal about fall is that it's hardly really here at all. right? maybe just for a few afternoons, when the sun shines just right--not too strong, of course, there must be a chill--while the clouds linger just so, and the leaves float by slowly. fall is wonderful just for the fact that it's so scarce. summer always bleeds too far in and the winter drops too soon, leaving us with this gorgeous scarcity. nothing about fall can last, not the colors nor the crispness, because in reality, fall is dying. fall is the death of nature. and it is beautiful. isn't that interesting? death is beautiful. do we recognize its beauty because it happens so fast and we can see it before our eyes? in real life, death is frightening because it sneaks up on us. we're young and we're young and then gradually and suddenly, we're not. but could it still be beautiful just the same?"

image via pinterest

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