Thursday, September 13, 2012


three months ago, i would've gotten extremely and uncomfortably close to your face and laughed very loudly if you told me i'd say this one day in september:

public school is not, in fact, the worst thing that's happened to me.

really, it's not so bad. actually, i'm thankful for it. --WHOA, WOW, WHAT?! yeah, i'm thankful that i go to public high school. here's why.

1. being there makes me feel immensely grateful that i've grown up in the community that i have. now, i get to see firsthand (every freaken day) how other people live. their beliefs, or lack thereof in some cases, and their ways of life and everything that goes along. and in that, i see a drastic difference between them and me, also the people that raised them, and the people that raised me. 2. i get really excited when someone notices i'm different or when they talk about God or religion or anything like that. i now feel like the light i'm supposed to be. (i just mean it's hard to feel that way when you only hang out with church kids, like i do.)

so now, i'm in a place where virginity is like a pokemon card collection. you cant be in high school and admittedly still have it in your possession. to me, it's amazing. today, a crazy obnoxious boy in my second block asked a girl how many guys she's slept with. (i SWEAR, it's like a game to them. they do it alllll the time. it's gross.) he didnt ask me, but i was very much hoping he would, just so i could say "none." i wasnt, and i'm not ashamed of that me nerdy, but i'm glad i havent been exposed to a couple hundred std's.

yeah. so i just wanted to share that. and i know my previous posts have carried the theme of "my life is sucky", and i'm sorry about that. my life really isnt that bad. and it's getting better everyday. God is doing some beautiful things, and i'm learning to trust Him a lot more.

and for these things, i'm thankful.



  1. So in other phrasing, you would have gotten "extremely loud and uncomfortably close" to our faces? ;P

    Anyway... I'm really proud of you for "letting your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven". If they think you're different and weird, that's a good sign. If they think you're nerdy for being holy, then that's confirmation of how rad you are. Because following Christ is what all the TRULY cool kids are doing these days. Mmhmm. Don't let the haters get you down.

    As for seeing the circumstances in our lives as good or bad - it's all about perspective, isn't it? Trouble is, if our minds aren't focused on what's true (according to God) it's easy to think our situation is lousy. I've been there. Man, I go backs for visits. Then I have to get my mind right again. We really do have to preach the truth to ourselves, and because we're so forgetful, we have to preach it to ourselves again and again... But God is sovereign! He knows what he's doing, placing us where we are. And he is faithful! He'll never leave us alone. And we can take heart in the fact that absolute truth is REAL, because that's our compass for living. Good post title. :)

    And hey, I like the new blog header. It's got panache.

  2. Lookityou!!! Anna, you are growing and maturing, my dear cousin. You will find that the experience you described will become even more awesome later on in public school and in college if that is what God has planned for you. When people start growing up and their thoughts become more developed, you'll find that a lot of those around you are completely lost. They are searching for fulfillment in literally every other place they can find except God. When they see you (you, the one who has it all together and has this weird satisfaction in life), they will wonder (whether they express it or not). If you are living your life as a reflection of Christ, what a beautiful thing it will be for those who are still in darkness!! They will get to SEE with their own eyes what Christ is like if we live EVERY DETAIL of our lives in imitation of Him. How awesome is that??
    Keep meditating on the encouragement in His Word and endeavor to live out every detail, every breath of life as a follower and imitator of Jesus.
    I'm so glad you are learning to lean on Him more and more! It is encouraging to me, and a good reminder for me too. As I was writing this comment, I kept thinking how I need to work on these things in my life...a lot. :D
    I love you!!! Keep thinking on these things, and I will be praying for you every day!!

  3. Wow, this is super interesting and thought-provoking for me. I've never been to public school, but I was in a secular public speaking group for two years, and that was my awakening to how good I really had it and how radically amazing God was. I'm so thankful for the experience-- simply because it taught me thankfulness even as it spurred me on to become a light. Like Katie said, people are chasing anything and everything but God to fulfill their hearts-- and we know that "the only one who can fulfill the human heart is the one who made it." My experiences with the world really helped me to become fully dependent upon God.

    It's really encouraging to me to see you trusting the Lord in all this, too. =) It's super neat to see your strong and God-seeking outlook in all this, and your eagerness to share Christ and your faith with these people! I really hope I'd have the same outloook. =)

    On another note, would you be interested in guest-posting for me sometime next week, or the week after? If so, just drop me a line at


  4. This has become my favorite post:D It's so beautiful


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