Saturday, September 22, 2012

anything is possible.

it's nonsense that young kids need alcohol to act dumb, cause all they really need to do is light some candles, grab two instruments, and wait around til 4 a.m.

it started out innocently enough. we were watching videos of bands playing music, of course, what else, monopoly? as i wrote this, i broke taylor's jaw on some man's guitar. then she bit my arm. after i stuck it in her mouth. oh, that's what i mean by "we". me and taylor. she's at my house right now because my parents left the state in a hurry. and i need a nanny, because left to myself, i would watch scary scary movies on tv. i tried to, but we watched "adventure time" instead. (which, cody, your sister LOVED. so put that in your pipe and smoke it. or whatever.)

so, as i was showing her some vids of my good friends scott and seth avett, we got the idea to write a song. WHY?! dont know. but after we made some mint tea, we did. well, most of a song. this is the chorus:

oh, kirby...
tell me why
all the tiny clouds
litter the ground.

(the verses are better)

muuuuch earlier, my sister came over and we watched "snow white and the guy who wasnt sam claflin". (i'm not bitter.) kristen stewart wasnt completely....herself in this movie. she was good! we liked it, overall. but i hated the ending. HATED. (again...not bitter.)

anyway, taylor is whining, the salt isnt glowing as brightly, the dog is unconscious, i sound like a chain-smoker, and it's already tomorrow. 5:02, actually. so, goodnight. or good morning. whatever.

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