Sunday, September 2, 2012

sometimes if you're clever enough,

you can get other people's coolness to rub off on you. my good friend isaac is one of those people. (click this for proof.) when we're near each other, i try to keep my hands open so that i can catch some of the talent he exudes. 

yesterday,  he showed me a trick to do with a camera where you actually remove the lens from the body and shoot that way.

so last night, i tried it and hollered in excitement. i think it's a beautiful and kind of magical trick. i'm really excited about it.

here's some of my shots. hope you enjoy.


  1. gah, so beautiful! what kind of camera do you use?

  2. thank you! i have a canon rebel t3.

  3. ah, that's the camera I dream of! =) would you recommend it?


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