Sunday, December 18, 2011


What's up?! I miss you like nothing else.

Truthfully, I forgot all about this blog for like, a that's why it's been a ghost-town.

So what to do...what to do....

Alright, well tomorrow is my birthday, so that's pretty shankin... (I dont think that's a good word...I learned it in 8th grade, if that says anything.)

And I have awesome friends who make me/give me awesome things. For example, my teacups will never shiver again, my walls are no longer bland, my lips are hydrated, and Ingrid Michaelson is filling my room with the sweet sound of the ukulele and female voice.

I have no real plan for this post. I have no plan for this night. I have no plan for tomorrow. I have no plan for next week, or the rest of my life.

This, right now, is me trying desperately to find something cool to tell you all...

I want to live in the city...somewhere. I like cities sometimes.

I also like this time of year.

Oh! And I have to go on about my little baby cakes cousin for a second.
Sadly, last time I saw him was in May, at Liv's graduation. He was little then. Shorter than me, chubby, weird, annoying, ugly, fat, obnoxious, a real bane to be around. (that last part was not very accurate at all, cause he's been very handsome and cool since i've known him. which is his whole life.) SO MOVING ON!
Tonight, my nerdy Polish family (including the other side) came over to our house for dinner and OH. MY. WORD.

I'm kind of emotional for the most part...I'm a teenage girl, what do you expect? Even though I may not show it outwardly. So it's not really a big deal that my heart leaped out of my chest and I wept a little bit inside when I saw my baby Myles standing in my living room in all of his 13 year old, manly, devilishly handsome glory.

I'm not kidding. He looks like a surfer/elf/Lost Boy (Peter Pan)/MY kin. ;) (i had to throw that in there cause i'm SO proud he's related to me.)

When I saw him, I thought of this guy:

His name is Dusty Payne. He's a professional surfer (i'm really into surfing. -little known fact.) And surprisingly, Myles really does look like him. His hair is super blonde and shaggy like that.

Wow, I'm really sorry about all of that...I'm sure you dont care a flip about my cousin's beauty...

But I do, and this is MY blog, so waaaah.

I love him. He's so handsome. And hilarious.
I kept hugging him (more like holding him) and he kept saying, "This is really irritating."

But I knew he liked it.

I know he loves me. 

He had that little boy smirk on his face.



  1. She's baaaack!!
    I really like this.
    I really like you.

  2. anna, I love how you can just jump right back into your blog after a long absence with a awesome posts when you really have nothing to just make it happen. :)
    This post was great. And happy birthday. :)

  3. Wow! I wish that would happen to my cousin. I love your blog Miss 17 Year Old Anna Faith Thompson!

  4. hahaha! i love you guys. :D


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