Monday, December 19, 2011

you might be a redneck if...

in my last post, i failed to mention a few things that may or may not, probably wont make the post itself a bit more interesting.

myles. his voice changed. it's deep(ish) and it cracks. it's so cute. and he's taller than me. which is weird...

anyways, today i had a fabulous birthday. one of the best i've had, actually.

and so here's what i did. (and i'm going to go into every detail, so come along faithful readers! don your rain gear because these details are gonna be coming at you in SUCH an obnoxious manner.)

i woke up, my room was filled with sunshine, cold air (as usual) and the sound of my dog's snoring. i smiled because i realized i slept in, which is what i've been wanting to do for about three months now, and because it's my birthday! so, i texted my mom because she was miles away in the living room, asking her if we could GO TO STARBUCKS FOR BIRTHDAY COFFEE! (just like that) and she said: If you buy. so i curled my lip and rolled over.

right about then, my dear roommate, ruth, busted in my room with a baby that did not belong to her saying she had to lay her in there for a nap because there were no other quiet, unoccupied rooms. so, she laid the child on the floor next to my bed, (on a TON of blankets, dont worry) and she went to sleep. so i watched her sleep. it's so peaceful watching infants sleep.

so once i realized the high level of creepitude in that moment, i was about to turn away from her when ruth came in again, asking if i wanted to go to starbucks, like, RIGHT then.

i thought about it for like, .2 seconds and then grabbed my beanie and we were off! in our pajamas.

fassssst forward...ruth bought me the new coldplay album, mylo xyloto there, and i'm listening to it as i type these words. I LOVE IT. so we got our drinks, then walked to books-a-million. when we got there, i realized that i was NOT in fact drinking the drink i ordered. so, we went back and caused a scene. some coffee was spilled, blood was shed, jobs lost, hair pulled, money taken, but in the end- i got my drink. it was hot and amazing.

then we got in the car and we listened to january wedding, by the avett brothers until the disk started skipping and we both cried. then ruth told me a beautiful story about her and her husband and that band. my heart cried from the beauty of it. and i said to myself, "i want that one day."

and the rest of the day was pretty much the pits. not really, it was fantastic. but, i dont want to keep going like this.

just believe me when i say this: today was really beautiful. like, it was really a series of beautiful events. i felt really good about life, the people i have, the God i have, and the love we all share because of Him.

and if that was just a taste this new year that i am -God willing- about to face, then i'm so undeserving, and totally grateful for it.

and i cant wait.

i love it.


  1. I would tell you "happy birthday!" if it weren't for the fact that we've stayed on Twitter past midnight AGAIN so that it's no longer your birthday. Guess I'll have to wait till next year. ;)

  2. awww that was beautiful. I'm so glad you had a good birthday, even though it did not include me.... ;) Love you!


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