Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is there an eerie feeling of awesomeness in this chill air of an evening? Yes. I sit while Todd "The Wild Man" plays/sings in the distant of my right ear. The chill in the air is the chill of the north. I'm searching for words and I'm thirsting for sight. Hi! My name is Jesse "The Man" Wilkerson and I will be writing the blog for this evening. I've never read Anna's blog. I hear she has lots of readers. . .9 . . .So you can understand that I'm not too nervous about screwing this up. Tonight, Anna, Todd and I went to QT and Publix. Anna was PRETTY excited to go out with us. She BEGGED us. "LETS GO OUT! LETS GO OUT!" Before we left Anna took a picture. I'll make fun of this later in my blog post. The sound of Metallica pierced our ears while we journeyed. We did not buy anything from QT. They were out of all donuts. That really made me mad so we left. Publix was pretty lame too. Anna kept taking pictures of us doing nothing. The kind of pictures you see on facebook and ask yourself, "Who takes a picture of themselves buying wallpaper?" Anna managed to make everything pretty awkward. But I am excited to see myself on such a popular blog. It will showcase my awesomeness. After we found the proper ice cream to sooth the soul we then purchased it. . .I just saw a dude on tv holding a Mt. Dew while his wife and he announced they were having a girl. Awesome! I love Mt. Dew. Anyways, We then left Publix. On the way home we stopped at at Chic fo lay to get Kimberley a "kiddie cup". Todd ordered it. They handed over a tsp of ice cream and we left. We made it home, ate the ice cream and now I'm done clankin' on the old Dell. The Chill is still right. And I am still tight. I don't know what I'm saying. Whatever. See you 9 next time.


  1. PLEASE KEEP DOING THIS!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!! Jesse, you right very stream-of-conscience-y. It's pretty cool, like Salinger.

  2. This made me laugh more in one time than I have all week:D You should start a blog of your own, Jesse!

  3. thisisemily,whoelsecoulditbe?Friday, December 02, 2011

    I want to see the pictures with your commentary Jesse!
    and come on, anna's life goal is to make your life as awkward as possible by taking pictures at the randomest times. You'll just have to get used to it.

  4. Good job Jesse. I think you should be an official co-writer of the blog (like, when Anna abandons her blog for an extended period of time) :)


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