Monday, August 6, 2012

about my first last day.

it was one, except for two girls and i think three boys remembered me from two years ago. the girls squealed and the boys gave me funny second glances in the hall.

and my henna didnt scare people, except for one girl. everyone else thought it was a tattoo. i felt pretty tough at first when they'd see it and ask me if it was real. one guy liked it so much, he used profane language to express it to me. i laughed and cringed. then i turned away.

i'm so freaken excited for this year. to be over. i caaaaant waaaaait...

this morning, i awoke out of my sweet slumber to "be calm" by fun. yeah, i planned that. it helped a little. i layed in my bed, staring at the ceiling fan and listened to the whole song before getting up. then i started shaking all over.

i was late. i didnt wear makeup. and i came scary close to throwing up in my bathroom sink.

great start, i'd say.


  1. awwww poor baby....
    Well, guess what? I'm going to come stay at your house this weekend (I'm being kicked out because we're hosting the Raimundo family for the missions conference), then you can tell me aaaalll about your first week. :)

  2. YES! I'll be there on Friday


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