Sunday, July 22, 2012

with love

Greetings. I'm in the master bedroom of a condo in St Augustine, Florida. I'm using an iPhone to write this. So it's kind of frustrating in a lot of ways.

Anyways, I'm here with my cousins, their mother and my parents. We've been here for two days and so far, it's been really fun. And crazy. I've been reading a lot. Which is weird for me. Reading's not so bad, I suppose...Don't tell anyone, but I think I'm warming up to it. Or maybe it's the weather...

Today I was alone for a long time. Like, hours. My family was off shopping, fishing and being lazy. So I swam in the ocean and pool and laid in the sun and read. While I was laying by the pool, reading Noah pour his heart out to Allie and responding probably how Nicholas Sparks hoped his fragile, hopeless romantic female readers would, I smelled burning flesh and shortly after realized it was my thighs. They were cookin. So I went back to the condo to get more sunscreen. I took it outside and started spraying myself when I looked down next to me and jumped back. There was a large turtle, bigger than my head laying there chewing on grass like a cow. There were two, actually, but the smaller one didn't think I was as cute as the bigger one did, apparently. Cause the bigger one kind of charged at me. So I got a big tomato and let him eat it from my hand. (I have photos that I'll post later) He told me that the tomato really hit the spot and that I was adorable, and the coolest human he'd ever eaten with. I told him I get that a lot. We giggled and I took some pictures of him and then we high-fived and I went back to the pool.

The rest of the trip has been kind of wild. Already. And if you know my family, you know why. For example, today I was pouring Belgian Chocolate Toffee creamer into my coffee and I had a sort of flashback. Kind of a vague, hazy dream or vision and I couldnt remember if it was real or not. So I looked over at my smallest cousin who was watching tv and said, "Maddie, did you stick a french fry up my nose while I was sleeping?" She started giggling ferociously. I looked back down at my coffee, shook my head slowly and turned away.

If she wasn't so obnoxiously cute, I would've killed her already.

For a lot of other reasons, not just for shoving leftover fast food in my nose while I'm asleep.

Also, this mornig at four thirty, I awoke suddenly, feeling intense pressure in my sinuses. Which was followed by continuous sneezing, lack of oxygen and a miracle. I woke my mom up, pleading for help, which she had none of. I searched the entire condo for some kind of relief in between blowing my nose, sneezing and wishing I could rip off my face and send it down the garbage disposal in the sink. So finally, when I thought all hope was non-existent, I looked deep in one of my bags and found a benedryl. I started crying. Literally. I cried. I was so thankful, I cried. (how embarrassing) That was one of the WORST allergy attacks I've had and I just wanted to be asleep. I prayed to God, thanking Him for this miracle. Then I took it and then went to bed. Or. Sofa, rather.

So...more later, I guess. There's strawberry shortcake waiting for me in the kitchen and a man-turtle throwing pebbles at my window.



  1. This was an entertaining and mildly misspelt post. But we'll blame the typos on the iPhone and your cousins, because they're convenient. Hey, I'll be in St. Augustine the end of next week. Stay there until I come, okay? ;)

    Also, I'm glad that this blog still lives. I was getting worried.

  2. You're alive! Let the earth be glad!
    I really enjoy your stories, despite how random and/or unreal they are....and I'm glad you're having a fun trip!
    Keep reading and don't stop. Ever. :D

    your favorite cousin who misses you deeply

  3. that was amazing. i miss you, a.

  4. tay, i thought so, but i forgot to read through it again. but thank you for pointing out my flaws. jerk.
    are you really gonna be here??

    katie my lady, thank you. for everything. and for the record, they're not 'unreal', i just add spice and flavor to the stories.

    and thank you, ike. i miss you too.

  5. Sorry. I didn't mean to be jerkish, honest...
    And yes! I'll really be there. :)

  6. I think the sun's starting to cook your brain cause you sound kinda crazy, especially in that bit with the turtle. Sounds like fun!


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