Tuesday, May 22, 2012

you know the feeling...

you get right after you vomit violently for a long time and your stomach kind of gets calm and you can finally breathe? that's how i feel right now.

this past week was THE MOST stressful week i've experienced thus far. it's like school rained down fire on me. on all of us. we had SO much to do and study for. it was awful. really, really awful. i cried many times...i cry when i'm really stressed.

but now it's over. ahh, it's over. for the summer. i feel so good right now. the weight is gone. i bet this is how prisoners feel when they get out of prison. they're like, SWEET! FREEDOM! but then a few short moments later, they find themselves saying, oh shoot. what next?

i feel so free, i dont know what to do. how will i spend my days now? what will be looming over me, tormenting me and calling me names in my dreams at night? no deadlines? what??

so what do we do?


summer, you better get ready cause we're here. well actually, it's too late for you to get ready cause it's happening as we speak. so hopefully you're ready right now.

we're taking this summer by the horns. good things are going to happen.

the future's bright, baby. it's freaken bright.

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