Monday, May 14, 2012

be still my heart

another one?? 

(i had to redeem myslef)


  1. dang anna, a whole minute of nothing, very impressive. first off, thank you for mentioning me, i do always have an opinion. unfortunately i forgot what it was as i watched it because you are so captivatingly random. ANYWHOO well I would love for you to do one on beannies! do it. i'd watch it forever. probably not but who knows. also it's good to know that you aren't faking on camera because that is EXACTLY how conversations go with you, except I fill in the pauses with my own words. hehe. man i wish I could remember what i was gonna say. oh well, I think thats enough for now.

  2. I remember! i watched the beginning again, it was that I wish I had been there when you said "I was thinking today" and then paused, i would have applauded. i did in my head.

  3. Wow, that was adorable. When you stopped talking near the end and just looked around and did weird faces and stuff, I was thinking "Anna, you are not redeeming yourself....this is way more awkward than the last one..."
    But i understand now. I mean, I don't understand why it had to be 5 minutes long, but I understand why you were being awkward....why did it have to be 5 minutes long?

  4. thank you, emily. :) you're polite. and i WOULD do a vid on beanies...except...what the heck?

    and kate, it didnt have to be five minutes long. i just thought you would like it. :)

  5. That one was even BETTER. Twice as awkward. I especially liked how towards the end, when you started your awkward minute, your left dimple was especially noticable:D It was real cute. Maybe you could vlog about things that you love! That way, you're more sincere/passionate about it:)

  6. well i guess beannie's is out. you should do one on how people behave when you take pictures. or pitretang frustrations and pleasures. good idea right? i know. :Y

  7. In your next vlog i would like the answers to the following questions:

    1. What would you do if at this exact moment you were reading this question your house caught on fire?
    2. At which point in your life did you consider yourself a nazi? And was it hard to admit?
    3. Would you rather eat 27 (dead) bees or sing in front of an audience of millions?
    4. If you could switch places with somebody (or something) for one day what or who would it be, (and it cant be a kardasian, ha!) ?
    5. And the last and final question, what did you dream about last night? And make a lesson that we could benefit from!

    ...well thats it!


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only the shallow know themselves. -oscar wilde