Sunday, January 1, 2012

adventures as of late.

i love you all. you're pretty cool. i like pretending you're here and i'm talking to you instead of writing.
 but you're not...cause you're gone, gone, gone, gooone, gone.
(did anyone get that, wink-wink??)

a few hours ago, my parents and our good friend sydney got home from my aunt & uncle's house in augusta. we go there every year to celebrate the new year. it was lots of fun, but it was probably the most painful of our new years parties. a few of us got pretty sick, and nearly died. but we're ok now. (by the way, stop eating junk food. it's awful. no matter how much you love it, your body hates it. take my word for it.)

anyway, my two lady cousins, syd and i all stayed at a hotel last night because, i guess there was no room at the house. or it just would have been easier for us to stay there. so that was fun. and once again, i was shown that every night, my bed abuses me. it is the most uncomfortable thing to sleep on. i'm pretty sure the floor would be more comfy. and the sad thing is, i never notice until i sleep on another bed. the cloud i slept on at the hotel was heeeeavenly. ahh, it was great...

so yep, after the celebration of another year beginning, gluttony, and slightly uncomfortable cousin snuggle time, we went to the hotel at 2:30ish and went to sleep...i honestly dont remember a whole lot from last night, which is kinda weird...

rewind to last week, me and syd went to visit my dad and sister in savannah. it was loads of fun.

we went shopping, went to tybee island, stayed up late, dyed portions of our hair, saw shooting stars, came freakishly close to getting hit by a train, and that's not an exaggeration. but right before that, i saw this little guy next to us at a red light, staring straight ahead and just smiling his face off. and there was no one in the car with him. i was confused by this, so i squinted my eyes, tilted my head to the side and stared at him. and what exactly was he looking at?? there was nothing in front of us, so i dont know.

but he stared and stared and smiled just as hard. so i stared and stared and eventually smiled just as hard. because really, a smile that profuse, it's contagious. so then olivia and syd joined in, but didnt stare as hard. they thought it was weird, so they laughed instead. i decided he was in love. it had to be the case. no little boy driving all by himself smiles like that when he's at a red light, and then another red light if he's not in love. so at the second red light, he finally caught me mid-stare. and i forgot to look away. it was awkward, i'll say it. especially since, after our weirdo staring contest, HE was the first to look away.

thankfully, the light then turned, and he was off. taking his sunny, love-stricken face with him.

and that's when we almost got destroyed by the train.

but i'll skip that little story, cause it really wasnt as interesting as the smiley-love-stricken-boy story.

so here's what going to happen. i took a ton of pictures. maybe two tons. (over the course of both trips.) so, i'm not going to overwhelm us all by putting them in one post. so i'll do it bit by bit, ok? great. til then,


p.s. i'm not going to post the first round until tomorrow, hopefully. why? because i'm a lazy human being.


  1. OK.......It's officially been 4 weeks since you last posted anything. Thats about a month, ANNA. I think it's time to post something. I can see mold growing in the corner for pete's sake! Chop chop!

  2. Here, here, Les. ;)

    Anna, git on the stick you lazy woman.

  3. when your dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part...


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