Sunday, January 29, 2012

oh, the mournful woes of dirty hipsters...

hello there.

so i had to talk myself into this. it's taking a lot of patience, courage and stamina. because i realize i havent given you anything in the past two months or so, photographically. and that's pretty overwhelming to think about. two whole months?? eew.

i have a ton of pictures i want to upload on here, but it would take forever. and i'd probably pull my hair out strand by strand. and eat it. and then maybe burn this blog. if such a thing were possible. so i've decided to do it in parts. that way, you'll stay interested (ahem...hopefully) and i wont do the awful things mentioned above. it's a win-win if you ask me.

so without further ado,

: : the past two months in photos : :
-part one-
some of our trip to savannah

(liv dyed sydney's hair.)


  1. oh man i miss savannah! and these pictures are pretty!

  2. i uh...kinda just deleted all of your comments...on accident, of course...DANG, i'm an idiot. :/


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