Tuesday, August 16, 2011

some people (and things) i love.

(not in any particular order.)

1. Corinne Bailey Rae

she's a definition of class. she's so pretty and elegant...i love her.
2. Alexa Chung
alexa chung
 she's very classy also. i love how she's so effortlessly beautiful and stylish. 
plus, her voice is my favorite. take a little listen...

3. them.
  they're andrew and carissa.
they're beautiful & they make the most beautiful films.
(see links on their blog)

4. weddings. and everything that goes along.

Rhode Island woodsy handmade wedding
Puerto Rico destination wedding beach ideasRhode Island woodsy handmade wedding
skeleton key tag wedding ideas

Tennessee wedding venue wedding ideasinter racial fusion wedding ideas Mexico Southern Wedding

chic ballroom Washington D.C wedding
rustic chic Vermont weddingSonoma garden Pavillion DIY wedding

Vintage tea length wedding dress
Vintage big sur wedding escort card display

vintage southern Tennessee wedding
ah, they make my heart beat... 

so in other news....
right now, i feel sick. for the past few days, i've just felt....gross. my head hurts and mass discomfort is radiating through my spine. i dont really know why... but anyways, i'm drinking orange spice tea. it's hot and tasty. it's helping my throat. -oh, my throat hurts too. 

so....i'm gonna go lay in my bed and try to think happy thoughts. 
good night.


  1. hi dear!! I like this post and everything in it. I like that girl's voice too.

    oh yeah, and I wanted to tell you that i'm sick too. I have a fever and chills and pain and stuff. so you're not alone, dearest.

    feel better.

  2. bummer. :( well i'll pray for you.



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