Sunday, July 31, 2011

a night with two sisters.

Last night, Olivia and I went out. 
 We got in the car and went to Kroger.
While we were walking through Krogs, we fell silent as if we were embarrassed to be seen with each other.  
So I had a thought, and I said, 
"What if I fell right now? On the floor."
And she said,
"I would walk on you."
And we laughed. 
We laughed until we got to the icecream isle.
Then, Liv made a bright observation that the lights were off in the freezers, since it was about 10:00. 
She said, "Oh, I guess they're closed." 
 I said, 
"No, silly." 
(dont know why i told you all of that...)
We got 2 Ben and Jerry's. 
that's what happened when I took the lid off of mine.
 then we went to the Avenue and ate them.

it was a lot of fun. 

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  1. i think the last pic is my favorite. but this was beautiful.


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