Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm at a crucial stage in my life where becoming a lady and learning how to function in this vast world is all I do...Kinda.

So these past few weeks, I've been doing just that. See, I'm home alone all week, with a baby in the morning hours. I try my best to discover something new everyday and entertain myself the best I can because if I dont, I get a headache and start to go mad.

This week in particular, I've discovered I have some golden skills that my future husband will benefit from. (Unless he hates sandwiches with strange toppings, green tea- peach&mango flavored, and coffee. I dont know how we'll function if he hates those things...Well, ha, I'll be happy.)
And also in my discoveries, I may have found things that need a little work...Maybe.

So let me tell ya, I make mean sandwiches. I dont mean to be haughty, but I'm getting rather good at it.

I'm pretty good at getting a baby to sleep also. And I finally found his tickle spot. It's really cute when he giggles. :)

I like taking walks with the little bebe in the morning. It's not very hot then, and the sun makes everything look really pretty.

I recommend it.

Also, everyday I'm inspiring him to be a professional BMX-er. Thanks to FuelTV. (He's really into it when it's on. He laughs. I love it.) After Good Morning America, that's all we watch. Everyday.

Also, this week I've gotten really good at sleeping through the screaming of my 7:00 phone alarm.

And pretending I've been up for over an hour when the mom gets here with the babe.

...But I need to work on my look a little more...Usually I jump around, try to fix my hair, slap my face (gently) a little and blink a bunch of times to try to look like I've been awake for a while, while in reality, I woke up a few seconds before she rang the doorbell. (Not really, that last part is a bit of an exaggeration. Just the last part though.) Dang. I really hope she doesnt read this...

So today I spilled a little coffee on the infant's fuzzy head while he was asleep. (It wasnt hot though.) I dont know if that's worse than the time last week when I dropped pork on him... It was a little awkward explaining the meat stain on his onsie to his dad... (He didnt mind though, he laughed.)

So let's review:
I make killer sandwiches. And tea, and coffee.
I can get a baby to go to sleep pretty quickly.
I can make myself stay asleep.
I have a lot of energy in the morning when I wake up in a panic.
I drop food on infants.
I like tv that "that screens the best of action sports".
I tell the truth regarding pulled pork.

I'd say I'm quite the catch already. ;)

Have a nice day.


  1. Gosh with those many fine qualities I don't know who wouldn't want you...

  2. HAHA! That was an awesome post!

    Nay Nay

  3. Anna, i like this post. It made me smile all the way through...and may I just say that I think you are growing into a very fine young lady. I'm thinking you should keep this post and put it in a newspaper advertisement or something. Perhaps some lonely guy will see it and know you are the one for him.

  4. Dang, Kate. Thanks!

    And I that's a good idea about the ad...
    I might just do that... ;)

  5. know, if nothing else works out.

  6. haha. i love how you start out really deep, and then you go off about sandwiches in the same deep tone. the guy who marries you will definetly live happily ever after.

  7. hey! it didnt make me do it three times that time! i think maybe its jsut the first post when i get one the blog....

  8. Emmy, I dont know if I was crying from the beauty of your first comment, or from laughter...

    Either way, thank you. :)


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