Monday, July 25, 2011



  • adj. (of a person or action) adventurous or audaciously bold.

I just had an idea while doing chemistry. (That's a good time to think about things like blogs and ideas, I've found. That's probably why I'm failing...)

I'm going to do sort of a series. A series of posts (maybe everyday, maybe once a week) about something You/I/We should try. Whether it's food, a book, another blog, an adventure, a song...whatever. Or I'll write about something interesting. What? Anna's blog? INTERESTING?!


I'll kind of teach you all about something cool that I learn or discover.

Really, I just want my bloggie to have a purpose, kind of. I want YOU to be able to get something from it. Learn from it. Even if it's something small and foolish. Like an idea-giver that you can expect from me every day or week. Get it?

But I dont rightly know how well this is going to work, if at all.

And I'll only do it if you RESPOND.
So leave comments, please!
I love comments SO MUCH and it lets me know that my friends are still alive.

So if this little idea backfires, I'll delete this post and we'll all pretend it never happened.




What do you think? Have a better idea?

Someone say something. I wont start til one of you says something.



  1. Let me be the first to say that I think this is a WONDERFUL idea. Go ahead Anna inspire the uninspired.

  2. Golly Syd! That was fast.
    THANKS! :)
    I WILL!



    speak now or forever hold you peace.

  4. I speak now. I think you should do it. Go for it. Be daring.

  5. you know i dont even have to agree. haha i remember on sunday you said "story of my life, emily pushing me" haha so um yeah, i definetly think you should do it.ITS A GREAT IDEA!!!!
    okay, here i go again, about to click "post comment" three times, then a fourth to type in the squiggly letters so they can confirm i'm not a robot.
    the things i do for you ;)

  6. awwww, thanks. :)

    and about sunday, I was totally joking! I'm sorry. :( You're fine! I love you!'s not the story of my life. ;)

  7. this is jordan...
    and i DEFINITELY think you SHOULD do it! :D

  8. well hey, jo!

    welcome. :)


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