Tuesday, July 26, 2011


ordinal number
  •  coming before all others in time or order
  • never previously done or occurring
  Look here. I dont know what this post is going to be about, so I'm just gonna go with it, and I suggest you do the same.

so here are a few things you should try in order to have a better life (not really...well maybe):

Get a new shower curtain. Like I did recently.
It'll rock your world. 
At least your shower time. 

Get a Kindle!!!
(anyone know this book? i'll hug the first person to comment.)
I'm such a strong believer in Kindles now! Oh, you have no idea. 
If you know me, you'd know I hate 3 things: 
Spicy food, public school and reading. 
Ugh. Reading was the BANE of my existence, 
and now, thanks to the K, I've changed my mind. 
I've changed my life. 
(Well, Syd, thanks to you too...and that article. ;)
So, I recommend those babies. 
...plus they have wi-fi. 

My next suggestion,
fall in love with an indie band
(especially one from england.)
everyone knows they're the best. 
if you dont....go home.

I recommend a band that not only is not from your country, 
 but doesnt even speak your language!
the plastics revolution
compliment a stranger. 
it's kinda fun. 
it IS fun. 
just tell them you like their hair or something.
but mean it. 
that's the key. 

Be yourself. 
But more than that, be positive. You're not in hell, so be happy! 
Remember that when you're about to get whiny. 

I promise these posts will be more interesting in the future! 

Make a wish at 11:11!!!

Good night!



  1. wellll,,

    about your kindle book guessing contest,,,

    yorkshire and churchill are quite very very very English, and knowing you, a young girl (thus a lover of romantic classics and anything with love) and...

    having watched the movie a couple weeks ago and (ps it was amazing) the Gwyneth Paltrow version, i know what the book is,

    but I'm leaning towards you not being too excited to hug me (as I'm so large and muscular, thus difficult to hug), I will not say the title, and allow someone else the pleasure of an anna hug

  2. you're right.

    about everything.

  3. oh... i take that back.

    the "large and muscular" part...not so much.

  4. It's Emma!! I love that book/movie. :)

  5. yes of course! what gave it away??


  6. everyone who is anyone knows this book! haha this was a beautiful first post of being daring, of being new. i'm telling you, reading enriches the brain. i will compliment a stranger next chance i see one. can i have a hug anyways? i guess i'll have to find a french band or something. what's the band you have a picture of?

  7. thanks girrrr....
    and good! tell me how it goes, Em. (complimenting a stranger)

    shoooot. of course you can have a hug. any time.

    and the first one is Noah -i hope you knew that- and the second one is the plastics revolution. actually, you should know that one too. i mean, you're mexican arent you?? ;)

    there are a lot of british bands that i'm kind of in love with if you want some names... or maybe i'll blog it. ;)

  8. Ohhh kayyy, you dont have to take it back, now ima sad :'''''''(

    ps. ''''' are my tears

    psps- did any ones wishes come true?, i forgot to make mine, so ill do one tonight.

  9. i really hope you were joking about the mexican comment. ahem. anyways, of course i knew who the plastic revolutions were. i jsut wasnt sure of noah. well today at sixflags sydney complimented a stranger. i'll let her tell you about it. i sort of forgot to compliment someone among the sweaty masses.

  10. by the way, emily, the name of noah's band is on their drumset in the picture. you should be more observant in the future. ;)


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