Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Many Times I've Wondered How Much There Is To Know

This whole week, people around me have been saying really funny, poignant and/or interesting things. Here are a few:

 "A few days ago I was laying on my coach and I wanted a baby really bad, but then I realized I'm only nineteen. That's too young to have a baby."- Hailey, a friend from school
" My boyfriend makes me uncomfortable. But that's because he sits on me." Again, Hailey

"There isn't a feeling more fun than being in love" Mrs. Malone

"Oh, the world we live in. We have chips that taste like pizza".- Some boy in my Lit. class

"Boys usually act like they know it all but, you have to admit, girls are way smarter. They know it too". -Boy in my Art class, talking to another boy who agreed with him.

"I know the most powerful thing in the world. I'm looking at it right now. It's a young woman's smile". -Old man I bagged groceries for. ( This was after he said I look like Catherine Zeta Jones and explained to me the benefits of breastfeeding. I hate my life.)

"One day you're just gonna know. You don't have to plan out your whole life, or even your whole week in a day. Just focus on what you are doing right this moment." -My dad

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  1. These are really cool! I've really enjoyed reading them ! Even though I don't like reading !


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