Tuesday, April 26, 2011


          Yesterday was an important day the history of Northgate. For it was yesterday that the (semi) famous rap artist, Roscoe Dash, visited the otherwise unremarkable school.

          Yeah. Apparently his niece goes to Northgate and so he came to have lunch with her. Roscoe was accompanied by his bodyguard, Blaze. You know, to help fight off the screaming raving high school girls.

          It was the talk of the school for a whole day. Too bad Sydney and I skipped lunch and went to the library to look up prices for Austen City Limits, Lollapalooza,and Coachella. That was probably our only chance to meet such a ........ ummmmm.......talented artist. If only.

Just to let you know, I couldn't care less about Roscoe Dash. This entire post was meant to be read in a  sarcastic voice.

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