Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our adventure of a should have been there!

Over the weekend I went to a conference for Christian teens with some of my best friends.
It was a reeeeally good conference!
(I'll write more about that later.)
So, my friend Molly's mom ("Mama Terri" as we call her) took all six of us girls to a town that's about an hour away from us...(I cant remeber the name, and I probably wouldnt say the name anyway, cause I have no idea who's reading this.) ANYWAY! We went to Molly's aunt's house (Aunt Gwen) and we sayed with her the whole weekend. She's a really great lady. She's really loving, funny and deep. It was a BLAST. We went shopping, and we played in a creek that was more like a river and had like, rapids that were SO STRONG we almost drowned. Almost. But it was still fun. My friend Syd started bleeding.

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