Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll explain the new name of my blog...
Over the weekend (see my previous post) me, my friends, Aunt Gwen, and Ms Terri were all eating dinner. Aunt Gwen didnt really know anything about us girls yet, so she asked Ms Terri (her sister) to go around the table saying one good word describing each of us. And she HAD to be totally honest. (and she was) So then someone (maybe me? I cant remember) got the idea for her to say one bad thing about our personalities. So, she said I'm classic, timeless, and original. I was really flattered. Then I asked her for the bad word. She started thinking and then laughing and said, "Oh, I just thought of one, but I think it's too strong..." And I was all, "Ooooh, I can take it!" and she said, "Shallow." My spirits dropped and my eyes got all glossy and I whimpered, "Ms Terri...that was strong..."
...well, it went something like that.Then she explained her reasoning, and now I'm working on being deep, or thinking things through more. Anyway, we laughed, it was funny.
The other girls got, spirited but a control freak, eclectic but too loud, encouraging but doesnt pay attention, forgiving but a scatter-brain, and sharp but whiney.
Yeah, so it's kinda cool getting to see how the people around you look at you.

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only the shallow know themselves. -oscar wilde