Tuesday, July 9, 2013

in no specific order

here's some proof that i'm alive and that we've been doing stuff. 
most of these photos are from my iphone, so that's why they're rough looking. 
the very last photo though, is by haley. (click her name and like her page.)

actually, this entire post is really messy because i dont really care. 
things are out of order, chronologically. sorry.
okay, here.


this is noah. 

this was my graduation practice. (which i'll tell you more about soon. promise.)

 we were at the hospital for 30 hours when my sister was having noah. i got this picture of the men sleeping in the waiting room. it was somewhere between midnight and 4 am.

(i love him a lot)

by the way, i'm going to LA in four days, God willing. (HECK YEAH!) so hopefully i'll have some rad things to share with you all very soon. and again, sorry for this messy post.

much love,

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