Sunday, September 30, 2012


last weekend, i hosted my first kinfolk inspired dinner party with lots of help from my dear, sober companion, taylor. here are some photos.

and while i'm at it, here are some pics of my room. it's my favorite place to be at night now. i used to think my room was stuffy and lame. but it's getting less lame over time. and my parents picked up a vintage bedspread from an antique store in chattanooga for me. and i wanted to show you. i love it so much. SO much. i think it's really pretty, it's cozy, and the fact that it's vintage makes it cooler. being vintage makes just about anything two times cooler...

 the bird right up there was created by my freaken awesome friend naomi. i love that thing. and her.

the end.


  1. Finally! I've been itchin to see these, guh. I love them. And that bedspread is super awesome. :D I like that it's a neutral color so it doesn't take away from or clash with your wall colors, but it's still really beautiful with the raised texture. Your room is definitely a classy place now.

    If you only had a boombox...

  2. And that pesto bottle is rockin that tea light. So is that mason jar. Oh yeah.


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