Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i saw a commercial this morning

and i've not been the same since. i thought long and hard about it while i was in the shower. well, more like dreamed. my mind went off into a dream land where only girls go. it was a "nair" commercial that i saw. there's this new formula or something and they said you'll go eight weeks -EIGHT WEEKS- without shaving.


i'm sorry, i just blacked out again...

my fellow stubbley legged, scarred up lady slaves, doesnt this sound glorious!? eight whole weeks of freedom and smooth legs?? yes sir.

someone try this please. tell me if it works, k? k.

so, i dont know if anyone else does this, but i think a lot when i'm in the shower. i contemplate everything. (sorry katie, i lied. i do think sometimes.) after i spent an embarrassing amount of time fantasizing about eight -EIGHT- weeks of no shaving, i realized this august starts my very last nine months of school. i'm graduating! ahhhh! i'm super, super, super excited. i hate school. i do. i always have. my friend leslie said to me one time that me and school dont mix. she we're not good for each other, or something. i was just relieved someone else agrees! i've honestly never been into it. well, i like some things, like history (sometimes), writing,, that's it, actually...

i used to like science, but chemistry changed that. i will never forgive that booty of a subject...ugh.

ah, shake it off, anna...shake it off...

anyways. this time next year, if the Lord keeps me around that long and i pass all of my classes, i will be writing to you as a new person. a graduate. a grown lady. kinda. more like a squirming little bundle of life freshly born into the real world.

 hopefully i'll have a pretty good plan for how i want to spend my days from then on. hopefully it involves making money and pretty things...maybe i'll have long hair, too. and i'll be cooler...maybe?

i wonder if i'll have the same taste in music? will i still love photography? will i have a car? will i be taller? will i be in love by then? will i have a job? will i still be self-conscience of my feet and teeth? ah! will my teeth look less british by then!? hope so, man...will i love the same things? like surfing, oscar wilde, hummus, the idea of driving to california and getting a tattoo when i get there? how will i feel about my dad? will i be an aunt? oh my gosh. i just realized there are human beings that dont exist yet who will call ME their aunt. ohhhh my golly. i just realized there are human beings that dont exist yet who will call me their mother...oh boy.

i just said a prayer for them.

what will they look like? will they have my eyes? nose? will they love life and be happy? will they like music? nature? running? me?? 


oh. here's another. i just realized that there's a human being that i pray exists already who will call me his wife.


there's a boy out there who i will call my husband. will i blog about him?

...i should stop writing so late at night.

anna, if you're reading this next year, here's what you looked like last year. you know that time you stayed up real late and played with black lights? yeah. then.


  1. This is beautiful. watch out anna, it happens fast. change does. it comes at you like a roaring lion but envelops you like a warm blanket, if you ever let it settle.

  2. I like it when you think. Good things always come out of it. :)

    ^good similes there, Em.


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