Saturday, May 26, 2012

summertime: part one

good day, everyone.

a few of my dear friends are graduating today. that makes me sad but really happy. sad, because they're leaving me. and the fact that they're graduating is proof that time is moving. i caught on to that recently. and it's a little scary.

but i'm happy because they're on their way to becoming real people who live in the world and matter. that's exciting.

so on thursday, a few of us went to a very magical and earthy place called serenbe to celebrate leslie graduating.
here are a few photos.



  1. I'm indicisive about that first pic. I'm mean, it's a really really cool and beautiful picture.........of your upper thigh. :S
    Still, I love your photography. And your posts. And that day. It was really fun, even though we were almost gonners. And i ain't leavin you guh. How could I? You've got something that belongs to me too :)

  2. you're indecisive about everything, leslie.

    but thanks. that was pretty. i almost cried again. ;)

  3. Well, this is just some gorgeous photography! Wow!


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