Monday, February 20, 2012

tales from a lonely night

last night i realized i didnt have to get up early in the morning to do school because i'm on winter break. so i didnt want to go to bed. everyone else was asleep, and i didnt know what to do. so, at midnight i played my fiddle and taught myself a few songs on the guitar. but then i realized i was being pretty loud and my left hand's fingertips were starting to bleed.

so i sat on my bed and looked around. i saw a book and curled my lip. i looked at my pillow and said to myself, "i'm too young to sleep." i saw my toenails but didnt feel like painting them. then, like in a romantic movie, i turned my head in slow-motion and caught eyes with my dear canon. i started blushing and fluttered my eyelashes. then i walked over and picked it up.

this is what came from my boredom last night.


i took some self-portraits. dont laugh at me.

somehow i ended up on the floor.
and this is what i stared at for a while. 
...then i went to bed.


  1. These are beautiful. Especially the one of the ticket. ;D

  2. This was a weird one :)

  3. haha. you make me giggle. actually i didn't crack a laugh because leslie was behind me the whole talking about how weird this was and how she laughed the whole time. but it did make me smile.

  4. guess what! one of my "prove you are not a robot" words was "latino" hahaha

    1. Latino? why do you get all the cool words em? All I get are words that aren't even words.


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