Friday, November 4, 2011

so what's up, kids?

it's been too long.

so here's an update on my ever eventful life as of late:
i've been doing loooads of school because i've decided education is a good thing.

i've also been practicing two pieces of music a lot cause i'm playing with some of the coolest girls i know in a little show soon. and i'm pretty stoked. even though i might bomb. we'll see.

my bud naomi came to my house and stayed two nights with me. it was a lot of fun! she's so crazy and weird and witty and she can(t) sing well. ;)

with naom and my anatomy class, we went to the Bodies Exhibit today and it was SO cool, weird, uncomfortable and INTERESTING, man! it was great! it gave us a little window to see how stellar God is in designing us. it was really freaky though, since they were real dead bodies we were observing, up close with no glass separating us. so yeah, it was a little gaggy every now and then...but overall, i learned a lot and saw things i've never seen before, in ways i've never wanted to.

and on monday, we went to our church's annual reformation celebration!!! we had a large, hot fire, bubbles and glow sticks (brilliant idea, em :), an impromptu jam sesh, jason mraz and ingrid michaelson sing-alongs, and tons of food. so, without further ado, here are some snapshots from that night.
DO enjoy.

 hey emily! does this photo look familiar??
 these two photos pretty much capture the reason i love her. ;)


  1. Oh yay! The Reformation was sooo fun! I liked our "jam sesh" as you called it. :D

  2. AH! I can;t believe I didn;t comment on this post! sorry. it;s great. and I'm going to bring more glowsticks next time. AND........................ drum roll please..............................SPARKLERS!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i;m going to buy them the day after 4th of july (if we aren;t in the dominican) and save them :)


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