Monday, November 14, 2011

about life.

two and a half more people moved into my house last night, and so far, it's been a lot of fun.
the "half" is a baby. he's the cutest thing i've ever seen and we're best friends already. we've bonded a lot. :) 

his name is max and i looooove him. his parents aren't too bad either...
i cant wait till i can drive him so we can go on dates to starbucks . :) i'll get a mocha and he'll get apple juice. 
he's also really intrigued by my dog. and she's really intrigued by him. 
so do you like the new blog design? are you guys alive?? you havent commented in years! (except you, katie and lesh. thanks by the way. :) well what's up? do you like the videos i keep posting? :D those are fillers cause lately i dont really have a whole lot to say...but i always like music! that's why i post them. 
ummmmmmmmm.....please give me something. i'm bored. give me an idea to make this blog more interesting!!! tell me about your lives!
NEXT WEEK IS THANKSGIVING! that means it's about time to pull out the christmas music! YES.


  1. guess who? I love you!Monday, November 14, 2011

    well I like the new layout. I didn't like the last new one. Um, I haven't written anything because you haven't! it takes two to tango mi amiga. I don;t comment on your videos becasue usually I don't watch them. I'm glad you are having fun with ruthjesseandmax. (I don;t like to say the wilkersons, too formal ;P) I am kinda bummed that you stole them from my sister's house BUT I do see you more, Now I just gotta find ways to see you more at your HOUSE. haha i love max. anyways, you need to randomnly invite me over. well at least let me tag along to starbucks. And hey, we never go on dates to starbucks! just you and me! has he replaced me already? ;)

  2. HEY! thanks! :D i know you dont watch my videos. that's ok, though. i mean, i dont upload them for you guys to actually watch them, much less enjoy them like i do...

    and gurr, you can come anytime you'd like. :) you should come for dinner more often. that's always fun, yeah? plus you like our "food".

    and p.s. you have to be in a certain position in order to be replaced. take me out and then we'll talk.

  3. I dont understand the whole the flipcard/magazine/mosaic/sidebar/snapshot/timeslide stuff, but i'll figure it out one day. Classics the only one i get, but its good enough for me. And i think yur videos r one of the best parts about this blog. And even though your blog hates me and doesnt let me watch half of them:( i like to watch the ones that work, cause they're the captivating.

  4. that's why i like you the best, lehhhhhh. ;)

  5. yourdomincanlittefriendTuesday, November 15, 2011

    well you two are soul twins so of course you would both find the videos captivating. I don;t have time, or rather make time.
    WHAT!? I'm not even in a position to be replaced???????????? is that a good thing or a bad thing??????????? alright, finish your school, clean your room, and I will take you out ;) hehe
    I hope you think this is who it really is.
    Yeah, I like the classic format the best. The others are fun but this one is the most practical. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new posting format. SO MUCH EASIER. loved seeing you face this morning. You make me smile :)

  6. dontbetontaqueso.itsme!Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    And hey, if you want to make your blog more interesting, keep up with that trying new things series you were doing. With ruth and jesse there, that should be a sinch they are so unique and original. have you caught on to their desert dry humor? it took me awhile to figure out they were joking haha. write about them!

  7. The new layout is pretty classy. On a side note: your background (the one you've had for a while) looks like a paper towel. This is a neutral statement. I like it.
    As for making the blog more interesting...the posts I like the best are where you just talk about life in your matter-of-fact way. I love those.
    And it's never too early for Christmas music. Like I said, I've been listening to Relient K's Christmas album since July... :D

  8. I like the layout. I didn't like the last one with the snapshots because it confused me and it didn't show all of your new posts.
    As for making it more interesting, I think it's fine the way you're doing it, but maybe add more pizzazz. Talk about whatever you would like, but add pictures and stuff that will grab people's attention. :)

  9. well. thanks so much for the feedback/signs of life. :) so, to address you all in order:
    em, yes, leslie and i share the same soul. but SHE was lucky enough to be OUTWARDLY dominican, where as i am una dominicana -INwardly . :) and maxie is still new. devilishly handsome, yes, but still new. so he hasnt quite replaced all of my other friends. yet. so you're good. i guess. i dont really know what i'm saying.
    and i forgot temporarily about the "series", but i'm glad you mention ruth, because she really is going to become my life counselor, i have a feeling. :D she says deep and hilarious things (both of them do) so i have a feeling they'll be the topic on here quite often. (for example, today jesse wore this shirt with a drawing of a kitten on it and it said "i like cats." and at the bottom, something like, "but i cant eat a whole one.")
    t-bird, thanks! wow, you actually commented! and...paper towels, really? that's new... ;) so, 'matter of fact' posts. got it...kinda. and you're right about the christmas music. :)
    and little katieon. thanks again, and i know about the mess up with the new posts! that was annoying, so that's why i changed to the 'classic' view. it goes with the name of the blog. ;)

    thanks, guhs for the feedback! hopefully this blog will be worth your time one day! :D

    p.s. this is the longest comment i've ever written. in my life.

  10. i'mrunningoutofpsuedonymsmuchachaWednesday, November 16, 2011

    well good. so now go do it! go live an interesting life taking pictures a long the way and then blog about it! we'll be waiting.......... no pressure
    p.s. Thats high-larious about les being outwardly domininca and you inwardly. haha.

  11. that was a beautiful image. :) & thanks. i will.

  12. I like you you referred to me as "little katieon." it was cute.
    and congrats on the long comment.

  13. sorry...don't know why I put "you" twice up there.

  14. haha! i didnt even notice the two you's :D
    and yeah, i like to add "eon" to any name i can. :) if i like you.

    and i like you. :)


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