Saturday, October 1, 2011

i'm sitting next to an open window.

i cant feel my feet.

so i bet you all thought i died or someone who really likes videos and useless things of the like hijacked my blog.

well i'm writing to tell you that i'm very much not dead. and there's no hijacker here.
i'm alive and sorry that i've abandoned you.

i haven't blogged (an actual post, with words, from me) in a while for a few reasons: 
1. i dont really have anything to say. 2. my wireless was turned off and i'm an idiot, and those kinds of things normally come in pairs. come to find out, thanks to toddles, there is a wee baby button you press when your wireless gets turned off, and i've never seen that there you have it. my laptop and i have reached a new level in our relationship. we understand each other a little bit more. and 3. school. -nuff said.

so uh, maybe you remember this post, about me "becoming a lady" and having "golden skills"...yeah?
well GOOD NEWS. i've discovered i have THREE MORE. ;)

#1. making steak and cheese quesadillas...or as i like to say in an accent to make myself seem more professional, a carne y queso quesadilla. here's proof oh ye doubtful one:

#2. making cheddar, potato, broccoli, and crouton soup. yes sir. 

3. making tomato soup and toast. ok, so i just doctored up the soup...leave me alone. it was delicious.

i ate this a few nights ago because i was depressed....

some of you know why. :( 
so anyways, i guess i'm getting better.
alright, i suppose that's it for now. 



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only the shallow know themselves. -oscar wilde