Thursday, August 11, 2011

today, mom and i laughed at the thought of how unbelievably nerdy we are.

we were driving through the city talking about this upcoming school year. i said i'm going to be so bored. she said, no anna, you're gonna have so much school to do! she doesnt understand. i would rather sit on a chair in an empty white room for two hours by myself with nothing/no one else around -than do school. i said, i'm going to be home all week with nothing to do but school. and she said, (-brace yourself here-)
and i froze. i couldnt move. i just got very wide-eyed and i stared at her in disbelief.
you see my friends, she was PERFECTLY serious when she threw out that offer. i would rather DO SCHOOL than go to a KNITTING CLASS. i said, oh yeah mom, then i can tell people "hi, i'm anna, i'm home schooled so that means i stay home all week doing my school work. i also babysit my friends' little sibings, you know, all four of the hooligans, plus a 10 month old, and for fun, my mom and i go to a KNITTING CLASS on the weekends.

knitting? wowza... anyways, once she came to her senses and remembered who her daughter is, we laughed. hard.

so she's just gonna go by herself.


  1. As I read I was thinking this was going to be a really boring post.

    Then I read the very last line and it was all worth it.

  2. uhh...are you making fun of me??

  3. hahahahahaha. that is sooooo like your mom. however, i enjoy school, babysitting, and sewing. i feel offended...................... ;)

    p.s. i love this song that i'm listening to. even though its starts over everytime i click something.


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