Saturday, August 27, 2011

a hurricane called irene

i was looking through these pictures and i thought they were really interesting. and this may sound weird, but they really made me miss hurricanes. as mostly all of you know, my family and i used to live in florida, and i cant remember exactly, but i know there were 3 or 4 major hurricanes that hit while we lived there (for a few years) and there were many other 'tropical storms'.
but they were really fun! really scary, dont get me wrong, and a lot of damage was done, but we were perfectly safe. i would always get pretty excited when i knew a hurricane was coming. everyone would hurry around getting ready. running to the store stocking up on stuff and boarding/duct taping their windows. it was pretty much one big camping trip -except we didnt leave home. (well, once we did...maybe twice?) one time our power went out for a week. imagine living in florida, hot and stuffy with rain every day, and no ac. or clean water. (unless you dig drinking warm water that tastes like an alligator's back...) even the wal-mart lost power for a few days.
anyways, it was fun. some really good memories were made thanks to those storms. (for us, anyway.)
so, here are those pictures. (sorry about that rant...)
-the one below is my favorite. :)

   all photos from msnbc.

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