Thursday, August 4, 2011


  • intense and eager enjoyment or interest
I get super excited when I learn a new song on an instrument. -I just did, that's why I'm writing this.
(I play the violin and ukulele

It makes me feel like a musician. See, sometimes I feel like I'm unworthy to be considered a musician. (if you've heard me play live, you understand.) It's quite the title in my mind. But when I learn a new song and I'm actually good at it, I feel like I'm a part of something. I AM a musician. I can join with other ukulele-ers or fiddlers out there and we can make one joyful sound together. We may be strangers, but we all have something in common. We're contributing to the world somehow. 

You have something to offer so share it! Especially if it's new and different! We're all so different and we can teach each other a lot. It's really cool, to me, that our talents are so different. Just imagine if we were all musicians or painters......scary.

Also, you may not think so, but someone looks up to you. I know it. Some little person somewhere probably thinks you're the bomb and is inspired by you. YOU look up to people, dont you?? It's the same thing. So, even if you're never as big and well known for what you do as Lady GaGa, you're still probably making an impact on at LEAST someone -if not MANY someones. (And hopefully you're NOT like GaGa. Hopefully you inspire people for the BETTER.)

My point, I guess, is this: whatever you do, whether you're a fellow musician, or an artist, a writer, a chef, an athlete, a photographer, a Christian, whatever it is, do it with fire. Find what you love and do it with all of your heart. Not to get all Disney Channel on you, but the world needs your light. So whatever it is that you do, do it with passion. Enthusiasm! You dig? Please share. 


  1. Anna THIS is BEAUTIFUL.
    Keep it up. While I'm typing this I'm listening to Your Ex-Lover Is Dead...and then all of the sudden I heard it repeating and I realized that you have it on your playlist now...if that makes sense. It sounds kind of cool overlapping.

  2. aw anna. this is beautiful! (even though syd just said that) whats funny is just as i was thinking it was a little "disney channel"ish, you mentioned it. haha. but its waaaaaaaaaaay better than disney. and for the record. you are an awesome musicician. even in front of people. at least no one thrown tomoatoes yet. besides, everytime you get up there, just like you said. SOMEONE is looking up to you.

  3. FYI, I really like that song...ya know, Your Ex-Lover is Dead? The cello is pretty sweet...

  4. katethegreattakesthebait, reeeeeeal original comment... ;)

    seed, thank you for what you said and for showing me the song! and i'll try.

    emmy, thanks very much. i'm better than DISNEY! haha! :) & i'm trying to get better with the people's annoying. but thank you, really. :) i think you're awesome too.

    i like how you can actually READ music...

  5. hahaha. yeah i guess there is that.... but violin and ukulele? u pretty much win anyways. ;)
    i really like this new song too, but too bad i never hear more than a minute or so....... ;)


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