Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy fourth!

Todd and I ate patriotic popsicles on the way to the pool

The pool,

(sorry, no pics.)
people had their blankets set out in the morning
for the fireworks later on that night.

after the pool, we went to some other friend's house.
I thought it was hilarious to see just three of them.
(they actually have 7 kids, two adopted from Africa)
But in this photo the look like the American Dream...
Cute little family of three...
Matt caught his first bass!
He told me the whole story
(the fish died.)and took me to the site.

that's the lucky worm.



he slapped her in the face. she's crying here.

We couldnt do fireworks because it was raining.
so we all went inside, played games and drank coffee.

Miss America, right there.

Are YOU proud to be an American??

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