Thursday, July 14, 2011

the cabin.

Well we went to da family cabin in North Carolina recently, and it was lots of fun. :)

We celebrated Danielle and Katie's birthdays, we ate lots of food that have no words for describing, (in a good way --a REALLY good way), we had quality family bonding time, (wow, that was cheesy) explored a bit, went to a waterfall, almost died on those dern mountain roads multiple times, went to Black Mountain to shop, (I got super carsick on the way. Ahem.....BY THE WAY, when winding your way through tight, curvy mountain roads, even if you get the slightest bit sick due to motion sickness, I would not recommend Todd as your driver.) and I had many staring contests with an Alaskan caribou.

He won.
Every time.
Even though he was dead.

Which reminds me, I dont like dead animals. I love live ones, really I do. But dead ones give me the creeps. There were heads, shoulders, skins, entire bodies, some of which I did not recognize (even from all of my years of watching Animal Planet when I was little) ALLLLL over this cabin. Normally people hang pictures on the wall. NOT them. They hang creatures.
But if that's their know?

If ever in that mansion I found myself alone, I would RUN to find someone to be with because depending on where I was, I would either look to my right, left, up, down, or diagonal, and see a dead animal hanging there staring at me with their glassy eyes as if to say, "Please little lady, if you ever see Jim, please remind him I was not quite ready to go when he did me in...when he made me bite the dust....I really liked it in Alaska." like, anyway, I really dont like dead animals.

It was great, and here are photos to prove it.
PLEASE DO. cutesie cousin :)

some of the light fixtures...

this is the elk, which was nothing in size compared to the caribou,
but I cant find the picture I took of the thing...

I got this ring for $2 at an antique shop.
It's a vintage engagement ring.
Actually, I dont know if it was or not,
but I like to pretend it was. :)

you believed me though. for a second, I know it. ;)
so about this one...
Andrew, who loves me so much, was sitting on this little sofa and I
pranced over and plopped down next to him and said,
"Oh Andy, let's take a picture!"
I smiled, aimed the camera at our faces,
and as I was pressing the button, he said, "NO."
and left.
My smile left also and I was left with this.
The colors of Black Mountain... ;)

dont know whether you can tell or not, through my poker face,
but I was really scared while taking this one.

Andrew and I played with the swords.

P.S. to katie, or whoever else cares,
I have a TON more photos, but I'm exhausted. I'm so tired of looking at them! :)
So if you want to see more, just email me or something.

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  1. Well dern. Looks like a ton of fun. Wish I could have been there...


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