Thursday, June 16, 2011

we were stoked. and soaked.

Last night, Taylor, Cody, Ms Danna and I went to Atlanta Fest and Switchfoot played the first night. I cant even tell you how amazing it was! It STORMED! Seriously, it rained bullets. And THAT, my friends, made the entire experience THAT much more hardcore. We were SOAKED! (my clothes are still in the bathroom drying)

We also got to hang out in a tour bus before the show (we know people), not in Switchfoot's, but right next door. We ate the skittles and m&m's they put their hands in.

We also got to stand in "The Pit". (That phrase has never sounded so glorious.)
We were at the edge of the stage. It was totally rad. The bassist, Tim, was RIGHT in front of us (well, more like, over us.) He looked at me, I smiled really big, I mean really big, like a dork, and he smiled back. I was a little embarrassed, but it was GREAT!!!

So then, they had to stop the show due to the hurricane going on around us, and we were really sad.
And wet. So we got all of our stuff and ran for our lives uphill, in the pouring rain, sliding in the mud, wiping the mascara running down our faces away, (not Cody, dont worry) and finally made it up to the little shelter thing where they were selling their merch. Taylor+Cody bought a shirt, I didnt have enough money so I bought a poster. (Thank you, if you're still reading this) Then we RAAAANNNN back to the Bus. But they didnt want us in there, cuz we were sopping. So we went to Switchfoot's bus instead. HA! Yeah, we talked to this man for a while...

Drew Shirley.
He's very nice and awesome.

The other guys were somewhere drying off or taking showers or something. But some of them came back and we said HI!!! But not Jon. Jon's my hero. I asked Mr Shirley, "Will you tell Jon Anna loves him?" and he was like, "You're Anna?" I was like, "Yeah." And he's like, "Does he know you?" I was like, "No." And then he said, "Oh. Well I'll tell him!" And I shook his hand.

Then Taylor shook his hand and told him her name and he's like, "Hi Taylor. Do you love Jon too?" She said, "Yes, but I love you too, Drew." It was beautiful.

We're starstruck, and that's all there is to it.

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  1. Haha! oooh that sounds like it was AWESOME! Glad y'all had a blast. :)


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