Wednesday, June 8, 2011

look! something interesting!

for the past, I dont know, DECADE! my camera has been MIA because I never have batteries. so I've been taking pictures with this dinky thing-

so here are some photos of what we've been doing lately through
the eyes of a crappy camera.

hopefully it'll entertain you for a while. please enjoy.

this is a weirdo contraption BJ's aunt gave him...?

last night, me and Olivia had dinner with our sister
Hollie and her hub-hub BJ
at their house.

it was a LOT of fun.
we laughed the whole time.
and dinner was SOOOO good!
Hollie's a GREAT cook.

{vee's so pretty, aint she??}

This one, (below) would make you laugh if you saw pictures of
my dad when he was my age.
We look EXACTLY alike.
Except his hair was a LOT longer than mine. :)
I kinda look like my cousin Miles too....
....or, HE looks like ME....
(i came first.)

here's my "cool" face.
do you like it, Em?? ;)

i took a bunch of pictures while driving to Hollie&BJ's.

annnnnnd...... SOFTBALL GAAAAME!

me, emily, and leslie got drinks at chickfila before.

this is my new favorite pic of her. :)

my twinkly-eyed pup. :)
.....and the one we dont speak of.
that's all.
hope you enjoyed.

p.s. YOUR dog can probably sit on command. Sure. But can she sit like a fat human???

I didnt think so.


  1. love the face, and the baseball game shoes/ankles picture, and the cupcakes... and buddy looks creepily human, and coffe is so cute! we need to make up an emoticon for the cool face :9 or :4 or :y ?????????????

  2. This....might possibly be my favorite post so far. It made me laugh really hard. Very Anna-ish.


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