Monday, June 27, 2011

late night post...

actually, I doubt any of you will read this fact, ya probably wont read this for another week.

but anyways... I know I havent posted a whole lot of photos of us lately, and I'm sorry. I know all of you live your lives around those photos and you've probably been walking around with bloodshot eyes, hair looking like rats chewed on it, and clothes torn, like zombies essentially, running in to things and snapping peoples heads off (emotionally). People you really love. And when asked what the hay is wrong, you get all wide-eyed, walk sleepily into your bedroom that smells like an old barn that is very dark and gloomy, and lay face-down sprawled out on the floor surrounded by used kleenex's and dirty socks with your laptop under your face. Then, when the unlucky person who you snapped the head off of (emotionally) follows you and sees the stance your lifeless body, the kleenex's, and the foolish blog with a very foolish looking blonde girl pulled up on the screen, they suddenly understand. They then kneel down next to you, close the laptop, rest their hand lightly on your back, and say softly, "She'll be back."

Then they walk out slowly, turn back for one more look at your now quivering body,

and shut the door.

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only the shallow know themselves. -oscar wilde