Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye- Final Day

This is the last day I will post as a seventeen-year-old. Tomorrow is my birthday, making today my Birthday's Eve.
What I did today:
1. Went to school
2. Came home, ate an apple
3. Watched Law and Order with Sydney
4. Talked to Crazy boyfriend Ryan
5. Went with Syd to Panda Express, Target, Ross, Wal-Mart, in that order.
 Can you see my rash on my left arm??? Cute, I know.
As you can see, we are idiots. Here we are dressed up as Mother-of-the-Brides.

Then we came home.
My Seventeen-year-old face. Take a good look at it. For tomorrow it will all be changed.
Just kidding.
         Saying goodbye to my childhood was really just an excuse to do silly and stupid things. At times it was bittersweet to think of how much my life has changed in the past 18 years. But mostly it was fun to just reminisce. 
           So, I believe I'm ready to cross over into adulthood now. I know that I will not wake up in the morning as a completely different person, one who is able to be on time all the time, is self-motivated, uses proper grammar and does not have to spell- check the word grammar. Twice.
          I know things will just come naturally as I learn and grow up. I read a quote one time that said something along the lines of  "You are not old when you stop growing, you are old when you stop learning." If this is true, I hope I never get old. I hope that I continue to learn from people around me, from my mistakes, and from the little things in life that teach the most. I hope that I become inspired to do something worthwhile during the time I have here on Earth. I hope that I can one day inspire someone else with what I've done. Most of all, I hope that in this next year of life, I will find my direction, and figure out who I'm supposed to be. 


  1. Happy Birthday Liv!!!

  2. HAAAHAHA! Oh my goodness, y'all are crazies. Mother-of-the-brides? Really? haha, those pictures made me laugh. :)

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEE! Love you! :D

  3. Vee, that stance you have there in your mom-of-the-bride dress is smokin hot. I cant WAIT till you actually ARE the mother of the bride one day!


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