Thursday, May 19, 2011


And sorry this post is a day late... You know... I was busy yesterday.
But anyways...
You're a good sister.
So here are 18 things I like about YOU:
1. You freak me out.
2. You sing very well.
3. You paint very well too.
4. We don't like the same music, generally.
5. You make fun of me with ease. That's good though. Cuz I dont think anyone else would, the way you do. :)
6. You're pretty.
7. I like your style.
8. You dont care about what people think about you. One time I asked you why you were doing something (I dont remember what... I think you were wearing something weird, or talking about something weird in a weird mix of people ha!) And you were like, "Who am I trying to impress?" And I just stared at you. I dont think you noticed, though. I was like, oh...............ok.
9. YOU are a nerd. A cool one though. ;)
10. We are not alike in pretty much ANY way. I still dont understand how/why we're sisters. ....Well, sometimes I do.
11.I laugh at your jokes all the time.
12. You laugh at mine sometimes.
13. You are very much a person.
14. You are a good writer.
15. You like to sew.
16. You like nature.
17. You have really fierce green eyes.
18. YOU'RE MY SISTER! forever. And no one else's. (besides Hollie. She doesn't count though, cuz she doesn't read this blog.) ;)
Happy birthday homegirl.


  1. thats beautiful...:)

  2. Thanks Anna! By the way, that's a terrible picture of me, the worst I've seen in a while. Congratulations.

  3. Vee, I actually like that picture. you've got a pretty, natural smile in it. :)

  4. Yeah, for real. I love it. Thanks Kate.

  5. anna, this is great.. even though i am seeing it super late. it almost makes me believe you like eacother

  6. thanks:) sometimes we actually do.


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