Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Life Story: Weenkend Edition

This weekend, Sydney and I (Olivia) made two very important, life-changing decisions. First, we decided that we both need to work, so we applied for about one hundred jobs together. Second, we came to the conclusion that we needed our hair trimmed by my mom.

 The first phase was Friday night. We applied online at my house.
(above: Syd working diligently, me drinking her coffee).
Phase Two: This is us in the car, about to go into some stores for applications.

 Then my mom cut our hair.


  1. Youppy !! Im the first one too write a comment !
    I just wanted to tell you girls how much i appreciate olivia and sydney and their relationship together !
    I love the picture of them both in the car !
    It just shows how much the love each other !

  2. Liv whats with the set-up of this post???

  3. what syd? the background?
    I just liked the color.

  4. Ok basically sydney is telling you that she hates the background !!
    Im just jocking lol!

  5. NO!!!!!!! just the different sizes of pics and that random white square.......?????

  6. Hey is it possible if you could respond to my emails if you are not busy ?!

  7. the random white square is a backspace that is visible.

  8. hahahahahahahahahaha! I didn't explain that very well. You know the vertical line that flashes after every letter you type? That's what it is. I don't know why it showed up, but I couldn't get rid of it. Believe me I tried; i deleted the entire post and started over three times. But it's STILL there.


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