Sunday, January 23, 2011

Young Blood

Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.
Great song, even greater video.


  1. this song played on 88.5 the other day.

  2. Yeah, I heard on there too. And also the other song by them, Punching in a Dream. The title reminds me of Parks and Rec. when Ron is asleep and having a dream and Leslie wakes him up and asks if he was having a nightmare. He says no, he has a condition called sleep fighting. Then Leslie says that it must be terrible and Ron says "Only when I'm losing." It's so funny. Great show, sometimes I think I like it better that The Office and It's Always Sunny. Wow, this is a crazy long post, and it's very stream-of-conscience. Mrs. Lee would be proud. If she saw.

  3. I love that song!
    both of em.


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