Sunday, January 2, 2011


My Great-Uncle John, and Grandpa Ted(GT).
19 1/2 inches of snow!

This is what it looks like at 3:45 in the afternoon. That was hard to get used to.
A view of the Hudson from the plane.
The inside of the first taxi I have ever been in.

The view of the city form the hotel room.

For my(Olivia) senior trip, My grandfather took me to his hometown Boston. Overall, Boston is an amazing city. I was there for five days, and I still didn't come close to seeing the whole city (due largely to the snowstorm that occurred the first night we arrived). I experienced so many new things:snow, taxis, icy streets, wind that is so cold it takes your breath away, and the accents from the locals. I met my great-great Aunt Stella, my great-aunt and uncle Dianne and John, and my second cousins, Kerri and Sarah. I also had the opportunity to meet my great aunt and uncle Donna and Tony for the second time. It was so good to get to know my extended family a little better. The food was amazing, and I can now say that I love clam chowder(thanks for insisting that I try it, GT). I was blown away by the density of such a big city. I really love it. Boston is beautiful, and I plan on visiting many, many times in my life.

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