Friday, September 24, 2010

it hurt so bad I could have I did.

Today was kind of a sad day.
I got a filling cause I'm an moron who doesn't
know how to brush her teeth!
Yep, it was rough.
I gagged so many times during the whole process
(apparently I salivate a lot)
they kept stuffing my cheeks with cotton balls
and this HUGE black rubber thing to keep my mouth open.
And that didnt work, so they got this
thing that was basically a blue
balloon that goes completely over my mouth and
has a little hole that goes perfectly around my tooth,
attached to a metal thing that goes
around my jaw and clamps to my gums.
So, I looked like a FREAK. drooling,
with a huge metal thing on my face
and a balloon blocking my air-way
It was grrrross. And it hurt.
They said I shouldnt feel it, but I totally felt it.
And after that terrible thing was over,
I couldn't feel the right side of my face.
I kept trying to swallow my tongue and I'd
start gagging really hard.
So, once my mouth came back to life,
I made myself pancakes.
ps...dont chew gum after you get a filling...
it hurts.


  1. hey it must hurt im sorry
    but i love pancakes its my favorite dish love it

  2. Yeah,it didnt hurt as bad as I thought it would though...but thanks! :)

    I bet your pancakes taste A LOT better than mine!

  3. goodness,no wonder you dont have anymore followers. only people who LOVE you would find that enjoyble. but i like it. haha someone is going to read it one day and be like "we should right a book about her!" haha

  4. Wow! that would be a dream!
    I might even read that!

  5. ps Em, I wanted you to FEEL my pain, not ENJOY it!


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